Giving special effects using your camera on the spot

Special effects and creative implementations are the most fabulous features of the latest forms of photography today. In Australia, people have started to create excellent images, extracted from the real world and converted to look like being taken from the heavens.

Cameras like that of canon powershot and Canon EOS 5D Mark III and also Canon EOS 7D Mark II cameras have gone ahead of a person\'s imagination and creative abilities. In the past, most of the special effects were used to be implemented after the shots have been developed and these effects were not there while shooting the image.

Today, the scenario has been changed and now there are cameras, including Canon EOS 760D and Nikon D5500 and many other canon digital cameras known as canon digital SLR which has made the special effect work a lot easier than past days.

So now, if anyone has to play with the natural looks of the image being taken, it can be done while the image is being taken. It is made possible with the help of advanced compact cameras to introduce the features like variable shutter speed, ISO level and varied aperture size to create panoramic and interesting pictures.

Here are a few features you can use to create special effects:

Varied shutter speed

You can use varied shutter speed to capture the moving object\'s particular motions.

Aperture width

You can use varied aperture width or dual aperture width to create depth effect and create a sense of deep background.

ISO level

Using higher ISO makes sure you get a clearer picture, even when the light is dim and you don\'t want to fire the flash to avoid overexposed image. Nikon D810 and Canon EOS 750D offers sufficient features to help in this.

Panned motion technique

You can capture a moving object with a stable image using the panned image technique.

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